Faith in Action: Above and Beyond

By February 19, 2016Stewardship & Generosity

staff_Roger Partridge_150A lot happens around here every Sunday, but last Sunday was extraordinary. The Gathering led by Rev. Lance Marshall and the new nine:thirty-nine celebration led by Rev. Tom McDermott were launched with super attendance at both. I met some new visitors and a few people who haven’t been with us for a few months, and it was great to see everyone worshipping and connecting with us at FUMCFW. The United Methodist Women hosted our new fellowship opportunity, Connections in the Garden, with special Valentine treats for everyone. At our 11:00 am worship service there was another FUMCFW favorite, our annual Baby Celebration Sunday with a record number of 26 babies, along with their parents and some big siblings to participate in this very sweet service. We also had an opportunity for them to visit and get to know one another and our Children’s Ministry staff and volunteers in the Children’s area. All of these wonderful things happened this past Sunday morning because of the dedication and participation of lay members and staff working together to offer creative worship and fellowship opportunities for young and old(er).

I do hope you will join us next Sunday when we’ll have all of the above (but probably not 26 babies in worship), along with a warm welcome from our First Church family.

If you have any questions about supporting the ministries of our church, please contact me ( at 817/339-5098. Click here to make your 2016 commitment to our church online.

Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship


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