How Do We Experience the Grace of God?

By October 3, 2013Sanctuary, Senior Pastor


How do we experience the grace of God?  Throughout the centuries, communities of followers of Jesus have discovered that there are intentional ways we can experience the grace of God.  We have come to call these “means of grace.”

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, identified several of these that fall into two categories — “works of piety” and “works of mercy.”

Among the works of piety are

  • Prayer (private and with others)
  • Worship
  • Reading, Hearing and Meditating on the Scriptures
  • Holy Communion
  • Fasting
  • Christian Conferencing (or “community”)

Among the works of mercy are

  • Feeding the hungry
  • Clothing the naked
  • Caring for the sick
  • Visiting the jails and prisons
  • Sheltering the homeless
  • Welcoming the stranger
  • Peacemaking
  • Acting for the common good

It is through all of these means that we experience in a personal, communal, tangible way the grace of God.  Think about each of these in your own life.  What place do these have in your own life?

This weekend, October 5th-6th, will offer great opportunities for experiencing some of the “means of grace.”  FaithWorks is Saturday, beginning at the church at 8:30 am in Leonard Memorial Chapel  with a brief time of prayer, worship, scripture reading and meditation, and Holy Communion. 

And then, after practicing those works of piety, we will go out to work on a number of projects for the common good.  There are several great opportunities to choose from, and while we encourage you to sign up in advance, all who come on Saturday will be welcome to join in this wonderful community event.

On Sunday we will gather for World Communion Sunday, when Christians throughout the world experience Holy Communion together as a means of grace. I look forward to seeing you Saturday and Sunday!

Grace and Peace,





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