What To Do When it Feels Like Everything is Ending

Dear friends,

What to do when it feels like everything is ending.

Take a minute and think about the friends, family, and co-workers you visited with in the past week. Did any of them mention fear or anxiety in their lives? They might have framed it as a complaint or a gripe about politics, their boss, or their spouse, but if you look closely you can probably figure out that something is frightening them.

This is the week to invite that person to join you at church. We’ll spend the service talking about how life throws serious changes our way, and what we can do to face them with trust, hope, and peace. By change, I don’t mean that you had to move your office or your favorite website changed its layout. We’re talking the kinds of changes that make you feel like you don’t recognize your company, your kids, your marriage, or your country anymore.

There won’t be any empty platitudes, either; we’ll discuss concrete ways that you can employ your thoughts and actions to make God’s grace the foundation of your life in troubling times. It’s a perfect message for people who don’t understand how faith in Christ can positively address the storms they face here and now.

I’m thrilled to be back in worship with you every week. I know our time together will bless you and your family, and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

God bless y’all,

Rev. Lance Marshall
Senior Associate Pastor


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