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First Church Book Study and Discussion: Discerning our part in God’s Work for Racial Reconciliation

Sunday, May 31Monday, August 31

Sunday, May 31
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June 10 – July 5, 2020
Wednesdays | 6:00 pm
Or Thursdays | 10:00 am
Or Sundays | 3:00 pm

These groups are now underway, but please feel free to join the ongoing discussions as often as you’d like!

Although it is helpful to have read the book, it is also beneficial just to take part in the discussions. More than one hundred members in our First Church faith community are coming together to consider the material in the book and the discussions prepared by Dr. Tim Bruster and Rev. Lance Marshall.

We know a hard copy of the book can be hard to find; order the Kindle edition at Amazon.

In a world where racial tensions, polarization, and violence are reaching all-time highs, our faith calls us to lead a new conversation — and personal and corporate action steps toward racial reconciliation.

With this in-depth study and discussion of Latasha Morrison’s Be the Bridge, led by Dr. Tim Bruster and Rev. Lance Marshall, FUMCFW offers participants a power-packed opportunity for education and discussion that can lead to individual discernment of how we can be part of God’s work for racial reconciliation by:

  • deepening understanding of both history and our present world realities;
  • equipping ourselves to participate in this ongoing dialogue, and;
  • serving as catalysts for righteousness, justice, healing, transformation, and reconciliation.

While talk of reconciliation is common in our culture and in our churches, words will only take us so far. Real and lasting change calls for deep commitment and embodiment of this clarion call book that has been called “pastoral, prophetic, and practical” and is said to offer “clear-eyed vision for understanding and overcoming systemic, internalized racism.”

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