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By May 7, 2018Security

Lately, I’ve become aware of some possible safety risks around our entry and exit to the main church building as well as other buildings on our campus. To help make sure we know who’s in the building at all times, I’d like to remind everyone of a few simple procedures regarding entry and exit from FUMCFW.

When at all possible, use the West entry to the church during weekdays. This lets Security know you’re here and when you leave our main church building. And, when you enter or exit other buildings on our campus, please make it a habit to use the main entry whenever possible. For everyone’s safety, it’s important to make sure that no one follows you into the buildings.

When entering any of our buildings from the street or sidewalk, be sure to pay attention to anyone around the door or in the nearby vicinity. From time to time we have had unauthorized entries into our buildings brought about when people didn’t realize someone standing or walking nearby was waiting there to gain access. studies show that slow closing or electronically timed doors can be easy targets for those trying to enter a facility with other than good intentions.

Many of the doors to our First United Methodist Church buildings require a key card or push-button entry. Please be mindful of your surroundings and do not allow anyone to “piggyback” your entry into the main church building or any other buildings on our campus. If you have any doubt at all as to whether an individual is authorized to enter our buildings during weekdays, please either send them to the West entrance where Security is stationed or contact the main church office (817-336-7277) to announce this visitor to the person he or she has requested entrance to see.

If you have an assigned key card or push-button code, please do not share this with anyone. FUMCFW has designated staff members whose responsibility it is to monitor entry information and used of keycards and access codes.

While working in the Main Office of the church or other buildings on our campus,  please remember to send anyone who seeks entry through the Aiphone speaker to the West entry of the church where Security is stationed to help verify their identity and make sure their entry is authorized.

During weekdays (Monday through Friday) when the church staff is at work and visitors are frequently on campus, please remember that all doors leading into the corridors from the stairwells on all three floors of the church are to remain locked at all times. This is a security measure to protect the safety of both staff and visitors in the event that an unauthorized person is able to enter our main building despite our best efforts to secure our entry points. While the risk of this remains fairly low, keeping everyone safe when they’re in our buildings and on our campus is my highest priority.

Remember, together we keep FUMCFW safe.

Ron Hicks
Director of Security


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