Enjoying small while it lasts

By September 1, 2013The Gathering

First 7th Logos_F7 square w-linesDr. Tim Bruster and I spent last week at a church planting boot camp in Dallas, four days of strategy and discussion with 60 new church planters from around the country. Jim Griffith, the leader of the camp, shared ideas, experiences, and encouragement drawn from personal experience planting five churches and coaching experience with thousands more.

Despite his confidence-building exhortations to go and do bold, great things, he had a particular phrase that he was fond of repeating throughout the event: “Do not despise a day of small things.”

These words stick out to me among all the great pearls of wisdom we received last week. As I shared with you all during the message on Pentecost, I’m in love with evangelism and I’m passionate about starting a new place of worship to reach new people. When that’s your goal it’s so hard to stay patient, to not push, to enjoy the slow times before the storm.

Rev. Geovanna Huffman, a church-planting pastor in Kansas City, told me the same thing. Relax, she said, and enjoy the time now where you’re slowly gathering and meeting new people. Before long everything will be crazy, enjoy the slower pace while you can.
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So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m typing this at Einstein Bros, 45 minutes before another Bible and Bagels begins. Next Monday night we start our first monthly Scripture and Spirits discussion at the Rodeo Goat. September and October will feature new community engagement and outreach events, and preview worship services will begin soon after. The storm of energy and anticipation is building, brewing, and ready to blow.

But today things are still small. Our church fits around a few tables at a bagel shop, and not only do we know each other but the servers know us too. We work night and day to make the impossible happen, but let us never despise these days of small, humble things.




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