This Sunday, Elizabeth Wills in eleven:eleven celebration!

“Elizabeth Wills voice is at minimal angelic and can be best described as

viscerally intoxicating.” — The Bugle Boy

“…rich, wise vocal style!” — FW Weekly

Elizabeth Wills

Sunday, October 25, in eleven:eleven celebration,

Singer/Songwriter, Elizabeth Wills

with Brad Thompson and the revolution band

As we continue our Series — “A Spirituality of Falling” 

A Spirituality of Falling_HS

You won’t want to miss this inspiring Sunday worship and celebration! 

Staff_McDermott, Tom “It’s in everyone of us to be wise” goes the line from a song by David Pomeranz. “Find your heart, open up both your eyes.” That’s where it begins and falls with us all — born with the wonder and grace of God’s abiding wisdom and love, but soon overtaken by our anxiety, competing narratives, and a need to control destiny. The first half of life seems bent on defining who we are, asking God and the world to shout at us so we can clearly hear what makes us so unique and special from everyone else.

But if we learn anything from the Old and New Testaments, from the Tower of Babel and humanity’s sudden confusion and diversity to the presence of the Spirit appearing in an Upper Room, uniting diverse languages and people into a deep singular wisdom, we learn that the presence of God in our midst, and the life and teachings of Jesus, tell us our lives are bound up in one another. We travel this road of life together — friend and foe, family and the unfamiliar. Striving either for individualism and power or for connection and compassion — we still all travel this road together.

The first half of life, Richard Rohr suggests, is so fully focused on creating our identity, distinguishing ourselves from one another, competing and “making our way,” that after we’ve been at it for 20 – 25 years, our individualistic pursuits begin to reveal their frailty and shallow depth. The unthinkable happens all around us — loss of loved ones, the frailty of career and income and health, the reality of shattered dreams. The second half of life then, he continues, is either about desperately trying to repair these broken roads and living out of our adolescent hunger for significance or, if we’ve learned from the lessons of the first half of our life, discovering our deeper connections with humanity and the deeper mystery and joy of our being together in God.

Indeed, as far as the New Testament portrays God’s Kingdom, it seems that we not only walk this road together, but we make it together, as well. Our destiny, our life, our being are all inextricably interwoven in the fabric of one another’s destiny, life and being, and with all of God’s Creation. This, then, is one of the most important tasks for our faith and spirituality in the second half of life — in “falling upward” — to explore the deeper wisdom of our connection and what that means for us. That however life falls and rises, we fall and rise together, interdependent, in the mystery of God’s love and life.

The good news, as the song above continues — “We can all love endlessly without ever asking ‘why.’ It’s in everyone one of us to be wise.”

Join us Sunday as we explore “Falling and Rising Together” and enjoy the inspirational music of Elizabeth Wills!






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