Eastertide and the Mind Body Spirit Connection

Len Delony1As we move through the season of Eastertide, there are so many ways to witness where new life is emerging!

Speaking as a cancer survivor and former hospital chaplain, I have witnessed new life arising from the brokenness of illness over and over again.

The deepening love and gratitude, the heartfelt, compassionate connections and the beloved communities that emerge so often through our vulnerability are downright miraculous!

One of the more powerful ways I have experienced that care and compassion recently is through the Mind Body Spirit Connection Dinner on the first Tuesdays of the month at Cancer Care Services in Fort Worth (near Trimble Tech High School).

If you have been affected by the vulnerabilities of cancer (whether a patient, survivor, caregiver, family, or friend), you are welcome to join us this coming Tuesday for a free dinner and special conversation on the power of forgiveness.

This is one of the wonderful, beloved communities in our city that is emerging before our very eyes.

Come join us, witness some wonder, and be part of a sacred journey!

See the Mind Body Spirit Connection Flyer for more information.

(RSVP is needed by Friday and space is limited, so please don’t hesitate too long.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Grace and peace,



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