“Keeping the Feast” through Eastertide and beyond…

Staff_Delony, LenThe sacramental meal of bread and wine is… charged with possibilities. 

— Milton Brasher-Cunningham
In this year’s Lenten journey, with the inviting theme “At the Table,” we traveled from the quiet beginnings on Ash Wednesday with reflection time in “Sacred Spaces,” all the way to the bold “raise the rafters” celebration with full orchestra and choir Easter morning. Throughout Holy Week we were invited into the depths of God’s Presence during the confusion and pain of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and raised to new heights of gratitude and wonder in the new life of Easter Resurrection.  Thanks to all who poured themselves into the season.  Whether you feel it or not, this is a powerful time of transformation, and in ways, it’s just the beginning…
In this somewhat quiet pause of Easter Monday, I’m reflecting on how meaningful it was to share in our “signature meal” of Communion each week.  And I sense God is inviting us to join regularly “at the table” and even extend the table of communion by sharing the bread and cup with others who are unable to join us in the church building.  We won’t need reconstruction money to expand the walls of the church… but we will need people who sense a call to help in this outreach Eucharistic Ministry as Communion Stewards.  Pray about this and listen for how God might be calling you to be a part of this exciting and meaningful way to help others re-member that they are part of the Body of Christ. In meetings such as this, we connect at a deep level and all receive abundant blessings. Let me know what questions you have and your thoughts about this ministry.
And come join us to share in our weekly “signature meal” of communion in Leonard Chapel from 10:30-10:55.  We have beautiful music each week to help you slow down and listen deeply to God’s healing and guiding Presence.  This Sunday, April 28th, cellist Dace Sultanov will be joined by pianist and dear friend, Aileen Hummel.
Again, please pray for this deeply meaningful, outreach Eucharistic Ministry, and listen for how God might be calling you to help it grow to feed a hungry world.
In closing, I pass on a quote from Milton Brasher-Cunningham’s book “Keeping the Feast” that Linda McDermott shared with us at the beginning of last season.
Grace and peace,


“[With Communion], “we are called to create a before and an after. Any meal that holds a sense of ritual offers that chance for repentance and renewal, or the chance to both start and end something. The sacramental meal of bread and wine is… charged with possibilities. Whom do I need to forgive? Of whom do I need to ask forgiveness? Who needs to know they are not alone? Whom can I bring to the Table? And there are other questions. What has happened since the last time we were here? What new dreams do I have? What has been lost? Who has gone? Who has arrived? What hunger needs to be fed?”




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