A Series of Disputable Questions

A Series of Disputable Questions_HSA Series of Disputable Questions 

eleven:eleven celebration
Sundays | August 23 – September 13
11:11 am | Wesley Hall

People can be pretty quick with answers on so many subjects, and no less so those that are ontological and theological in nature. There is no shortage of supply as far as opinions and easy answers. But the thing about easy answers is they tend to be more a matter of convenience than a path to understanding. And easy answers often skirt the reality that we may be asking the wrong questions in the first place.

We’re starting a new series, a mini-series,

A Series of Disputable Questions,

as we take a look at the questions that continue to pester us, plague us, confront us or just make us wonder about things theological, ontological, and ecclesiological.

Each week, we’ll take a look at questions members of the congregation posed the week before and explore the nature of the questions, possible meanings and perhaps even approach some answers.

It’s also “Bring Back the Favorites” time with 4 Sundays of your favorite “11:11 revolution” gifts of song and “sing alongs”.

We’ll have forms, web links and suggestion boxes for your favorite songs and most pressing questions. Then we’ll bring the smartest minds together during the week to bear upon the matter in search of a path to greater understanding. But more than anything, we hope we’ll all find a little inspiration and fun along the way.

Join us for this next series, A Series of Disputable Questions.


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