Deep Breaths of Oxygen

lance_webThis past week has been the most encouraging in my entire time on the First 7th adventure. Reflecting on why that is the case, I think it comes down to one simple point:

I’m getting the oxygen I need.

We all gain energy and momentum from something. Some people find their sails inflated when they see ideas begin to take shape. Others collect “wins,” concrete, measurable moments of success. For me, I think I gain the most from words of encouragement and moments of support. Somebody telling me “I believe in you” propels me forward like nothing else can.

Many of you who receive these emails have been extremely generous in your words of encouragement, regularly sending calls or emails sharing your prayers, your hopes, and your unconditional support during this unknown journey. Those notes accumulate, building together to transform attitudes of doubt and disbelief into confidence, optimism, and the desire to form new trails and take new paths. Your encouragement is not only oxygen, it’s exactly the oxygen I need.

Beyond my gratitude, let me share my testimony: I am a normal man, unremarkable, uninspired. But through the power of an active, holy spirit and a cloud of loving witnesses, I am transformed, bold, and ready to try to bring light into tunnels of darkness.

Thank you, and God bless!



Prayers for this week: 
God, thank you for hearing our prayers for First 7th. Thank you for the vision of new ways to bring people to you. Thank you for your love, unconditional and unearned. You fill us, encourage us, and give us new life. Thank you for your blessings, and in the name of your son Jesus we all pray, and say, Amen.


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