DiscipleChurch Palm Sunday

Charme RobartsLance Marshall is preaching for us at DiscipleChurch this week. Since he and I office on the same floor, I have noticed that he has a cool bag that he carries his computer and school stuff in. It looks kind of like an old saddlebag to me.

Speaking of bags, he’s going to talk about the baggage of sin this week. You know of course that carrying around sin, feeling unforgiven, and being weighed down with guilt is no way to live the Christian life — and it’s totally unnecessary since we have forgiveness. But, on the other hand, to never mention sin is to dismiss reality, leaving the ideas of salvation and forgiveness as light weights in the scheme of our lives.

There’s a ditch on either side for the church — too much talk about sin, or treating it as the unmentionable — how can we think about all this in ways that help us on the journey? I hope you will join us at 8:30 am in Leonard Chapel to hear Lance discuss this.



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