Curiosity on the Path to God

Staff_McDermott, TomThere is an old proverb, I’m sure you’ve heard it before:

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

It was one my mother, and preschool teachers, passed along to me (in too many situations for me to remember here), and most often as an afterthought to a lesson I’d supposedly learned in consequence — a burned preschool finger after touching the surface of the hot stove burner, the time after school I’d argued with my second grade friend Tony that an old mattress wouldn’t burn because “it’s composition is too complex,” the night I drank my first, and last, “sure-to-make-me-rich” healthy shake I’d concocted of grape juice, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, cheese, cinnamon, root beer, and bologna — all the stuff I liked (by themselves). I was sick all night.

And my mom would remind me, “Curiosity killed the cat, you know.”

9391111 4.17.16 2Well, my mother is still in the hospital and we’ve all been taking turns visiting and helping out and once again, I’m working up this blog and curious about what to say as I sit with her this morning, Thursday. She laughed about that moment I tried to create the “perfect meal in a shake” and then reminded me I once insisted I have grape juice with my lunch at school when I was in Kindergarten. Proud to be packing my own lunch, and having no thermos at hand, I was curious to see how well a Baggie would hold the juice. Rolled up the top as tightly as possible (this was before Zip Lock, of course) and placed it in my Batman lunch box. She laughed out loud (a first for the past few days), as she reminded me there was a purple trail of juice all the way down the sidewalk on the way to school. But my peanut butter sandwich dipped in juice was delicious!

Where do we find curiosity and hope in the midst of pain or sorrow or routine or frustration . . . ? It’s a curious question that I think is worth the risk. So, after this, I’m gonna try “Jabberwocky” on her and see where that goes!

This Sunday, we continue the series on Big Magic and I want to explore this idea of curiosity as it speaks to faith and wonder and the creative pull of God’s love, and this idea that “curiosity is the leap of faith on the path to Big Magic.”

Sunday, April 17

Big Magic

“Curiosity — The Leap of Faith”

with the music of Elton John, The Avett Brothers and Beth Wood,

guest poets and the Revolution Band.

The old saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat . . .” but the oft-forgotten second half of the proverb goes, “But satisfaction brought it back.”

Hope you can join us Sunday!



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