Did Curiosity Ever Really Kill a Cat?

Staff_Robarts, CharmeSunday is coming and we are breaking out the — best dishes! Our Healthy Plate celebration begins at FUMCFW. You’ve probably already seen and heard some things about it, but succinctly, we are paying attention to the good things that nourish our lives in the kingdom of God. Nothing unusual about the items on this healthy plate — worship, pray, give, serve, play, and this week LEARN. All these things are components of a whole and healthy life. So going forward we will be paying attention to these things, pulling at their edges a little, so we can stretch our experience and gain a little more of their benefits.

curiosity-catAll the people giving the messages at our various worship and gathering times this week will focus on the topic LEARN. In DiscipleChurch, I’m giving the message and have landed on these questions to guide our thinking:

1.  Did curiosity ever really kill a cat?
2.  What is the universal learning style that is unfortunately quite underused?
3.  What do learning, serving, playing, giving, worshipping, and praying all have in common?

I hope you will join us in Leonard Chapel to explore these ideas, and to see other good people who love God and love their neighbors. We start early — 8:30 am — see you there?



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