The Chicago Cubs and the Soul’s Way of Winning

Len Delony1Humility, Hope, and the Heart of Celebration: the Soul’s Way of Winning

I was up late last night.

My younger daughter, Katherine, was curled up sleeping in the easy chair across the room in an admirable effort of moral support for her dad.

It was the bottom of the 10th inning in Game 7 of the World Series. Another run was just scored to make it 7-8, Cubs. The potential winning run for Cleveland standing at the plate, bat high in the air, circling and ready.

That moment of focused awareness and anticipation . . . of living on the edge and leaning into the unknown . . . that Present Moment, Wonder-Filled Moment, is the Soul’s Way of Winning.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the celebration that next moment when the final out was made at first base. And I don’t think much more drama could have been packed into this whole 2016 World Series between Cleveland and Chicago.

But when it comes to a soul story, the Chicago Cubs have been “winning” for a very long time (though the last time they actually won another Series was 108 years ago).

My point is, when it comes to the soul’s story, God really is on everyone’s side . . . all at the same time. The old cliche is steeped in a truth that we too often forget: On the field of comparison and competition, the soul knows that “It’s not whether you win or lose. It is how you play the game.” That is how we feed good character that translates across generations and cultures.

Whatever the game is, whatever the situation, we can let humility and hope open us to grace, gratitude, and the soul’s way of winning through Wisdom.

But if we let fear and harsh judgment overtake us, we can be deceived into believing that control and power over others is how to win.

These are very challenging times for our country and the whole world. Respect in relationships matters immensely. Whatever the game and wherever the playing field my be, we have a choice that we must make over and over again. Will our life be a reaction to fear that leads to broken trust, denial, and escape (where our ego takes over)? Or will we be truly awake to God’s Wisdom in each of those moments of challenge and unknown (trusting that our soul’s connection in God will lead the way)?

If winning the World Series (or losing) only affects our ego, then we only exist in the world of “fight or flight” and the addictive way of being starved or stuffed. But if we go to the soul’s place of deeper humility, gratitude, and celebration, we awaken and grow into resurrected living, new and transformed life. Both in our winning and our losing, in our living and our dying, we belong to Christ and find renewal through God’s living water. (John 4:14)

And this is where I segue from home plate to “healthy plate.”

We have been focusing on Healthy Plate Discipleship throughout the church in recent weeks. And this is just the beginning.

As we become more and more intentional about the spiritual health throughout our community, we feed our souls and become aware of how to follow God’s way of winning. It is a field of dreams where redemption awakens us to the hidden wholeness in the present moment, where deep discipleship happens, and where God is not necessarily on our ego’s side, but is always on our soul’s side.

Grace and Peace in every field and all your games,



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