Good Book Club Tames the Holiday Crazies

By November 12, 2015Children's Ministries

Good Book Club15_HSGood Book Club meets each month to have dinner and discuss a theme for both children and adults. Children’s books are selected based on age, and area experts are brought in to lead parenting sessions at the same time.

Nina Burrows, Director of FUMCFW Day School, feels like the club is turning into so much more. “We are starting to build a community of like-minded people who are doing their best to raise their kids,” Nina said. “They are happy to have the support of the church and each other.”

The November meeting was last Wednesday, and it was all fun and no stress. The kids talked about all types of role models while the adults discussed how to be good role models for their children. Each children’s book celebrated great role models of all shapes, sizes — and even species. Meanwhile, speaker Pam Rinn led the adult discussion called “Taming the Holiday Crazies” that dealt with stress and discipline when it comes to the holidays.

Pam talked about ways to reduce holiday stress. She challenged adults to imagine packing everything they think they need for the holidays into one suitcase. If there’s so much that it won’t all fit (which is usually the case this time of year), take a moment to consider your priorities and “unpack” the things you don’t really need. This will lighten your load and help keep you calmer for your children.

“You can’t be a role model and help your children with their behavior until you’re in a place of calm,” Nina added. “If you’re modeling calm, you have to breathe first and get in a place where you can help them manage their own emotions.” Plus, it’s important to have a calm presence with your children when you spend time with them. As Nina put it, “If you’re so stressed out that you’re not really there for them, they know it. If you take the time to play with your kids, you are more likely to get their cooperation — which is good for them and for us.”

What are you packing in your “holiday suitcase” this year? Which items are must-haves, and which ones are nice-to-haves? Parents, if you’d like to keep the hustle and bustle of the holiday season from driving you crazy this year, unload holiday stress to help create happier holidays — for you and your children. For even more tips from Rinn, visit for other ways to improve your life and the lives of your children.

The next Good Book Club is on December 2, and it will be the third annual “Polar Express” party and family celebration. Join the club for a pajama party with dinner and a movie, hot chocolate, and more!


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