Growing Beyond Our Addicted Ways of Thinking Thru Circles of Trust and Courageous Conversations

Len Delony1I hope you take the opportunity to read and ponder our Advent Devotional booklet. It’s a great way to connect and begin this new Christian Year! And it was written and put together by some wonderful people in our church community. Thanks to all who have contributed time and talent!

The Advent theme this week is “The Courage to Follow God…” It takes a great deal of courage to discern and follow God’s calling. We too easily become creatures of habit… even addicted to our ways of thinking.

Yesterday we had the last Circle of Trust group… for now… There was a lot of desire to continue, so we will be starting similar groups in the near future. (Let me know if you are interested in learning more about it.

The Touchstones for “Circles of Trust” we have used in these groups (and that I adapted for Thanksgiving and the New Church “Kairos Calendar” in recent blogs), were developed by Parker Palmer and the Center for Courage and Renewal. We’ll have opportunities to learn more about that in the near future. And it can be especially helpful for those who are interested in the United Methodist General Conference that will be held May 10-20, 2016. For those who are interested, there will be opportunities to join in some “courageous conversations” in early 2016 as we explore important issues related to our church in this time. Stay tuned…

Also, Richard Rohr has talked about 12-Step Spirituality as one of the most important gifts to the world from our US culture in this time. Remember, there are many different ways to have problems with “addiction” other than alcohol and drugs. Sometimes, even the frantic ways we work and consume can be signs of addiction, especially when it keeps us from being present to God’s Presence in the moment.

Richard Rohr writes, “Remember that as humans, we are all addicted to our way of thinking. A regular practice of contemplative prayer is the oil that greases the wheels of transformation. Include daily meditation as part of your program for whatever addiction you are facing.”

Below is a link to the rest of the recent meditation about that. (You can sign up to receive free daily meditations by email at

Grace and peace,



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