Counting on One Another

Since working from home the last several weeks, I have had the pleasure of connecting with many of you by phone or email. It provides me the opportunity to thank you for your continued giving and to also check in with you: finding out how you are doing, encouraging you to stay connected with us through our online opportunities, and also asking you if there is anyone else we need to be checking in on.

Thank you for the kind compliments on how First Church is bringing comfort and connection into your lives through our online ministries and programs.

Please know that we do not take your kind words, prayers, or generosity for granted. We recognize, especially in these unusual times, there are many worthwhile community organizations asking for your personal assistance and financial support, which makes First Church even more appreciative of your many gifts.

In anticipation of being closed for several more weeks, please know that you can count on FUMCFW to also be here for you in the way of:

  • reassuring and inspiring messages and music;
  • prayer times and Bible studies for spiritual comfort, and;
  • joyful community through Sunday School, Mister Mark time, Youth opportunities for connection, and more.

In the four weeks since we have been closed our church revenue, which is primarily generated through member giving, has been sufficient for maintaining our ministry and operations.

Your ongoing financial support is essential for ensuring that First Church’s ministries remain vibrant and relevant in the uncertain days ahead.

We ask that you continue to give to our FUMCFW Ministry Fund as you are able, and perhaps even consider making an additional gift if you are in a position to do so.

We know we can count on you. Together we are the light of Christ’s love that shines brightly in this dark time.

Again, thank you for living out your discipleship through your generosity.

First Church Strong!

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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