Congregational Survey 2014

By September 18, 2014News, Senior Pastor


As you may remember, in 2012 we did our first comprehensive congregational survey to gather your insights, observations and overall satisfaction with the many ministries and programs of our church. This instrument was then used as part of our new planning process from which staff and lay leadership derived our three areas of focus for the coming two years.

As we hoped, you responded! And, while it’s hard to believe that those two years have already passed, it’s easy to see the power and significance of this planning process at work in the specific, sometimes dramatic, and exciting changes that came about in response to survey feedback.

Some of these include:

  • your desire for deeper studies on current theology yielded the Wednesday Night Theology Series featuring faculty from Perkins and Brite Divinity Schools of Theology
  • your desire for weekly communion yielded a weekly Chapel Communion service for quiet reflection and spectacular special music, in addition to more frequent communion in the Sanctuary.
  • your interest in nurturing and developing individual discipleship has brought about a full time associate pastor of discipleship and intentional programs and studies designed to meet this need for all ages
  • your interest in reaching out more to our Downtown community and “unchurched” was answered by our new First 7th worship community
  • your interest in a daily devotional provided by your church brought about GPS, our new online daily devotional
  • your interest in improving communication is being answered by a new website, a comprehensive communications program and an expanded communications team devoted to addressing these needs.
  • your interest in technology has yielded a fulltime A/V position with specific focus on improving the sound, lighting and overall worship experience, both onsite and online. In addition, this staff addition has assisted in the creation of digital audio and video elements that usher in an ability to share faith stories in exciting new ways
  • your interest in increasing stewardship has yielded a fulltime Director of Stewardship and the launch of a cohesive, year-round emphasis on giving.

As you can see, we take your survey feedback very seriously. And, with prayerful consideration of your current interests and concerns, we present our 2014 Congregational Survey to help begin this cyclical planning process anew. Based on your responses, we will begin shaping our focus for the coming two years. For your convenience, click here to take this survey online now;  printed survey forms are also available in the Welcome Center and main Church Office.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by October 15; we have shortened and streamlined our questions and fine-tuned our reporting of results in hopes that with just a few minutes of honest feedback from each and every one of you, we can begin to assess and address those areas most needing our attention for the coming two years.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to record response!

Grace and Peace,
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