Staff_Becker, Elizabeth_150Alright, I’m not the type of person to make much of coincidence, but lately one word has crossed my path three times in three very different ways. So I’m thinking to myself, maybe I should pay attention. There’s something to learn and my full attention is now focused on the lesson at hand.

The first time the word presented itself to me was while I was attending a symposium at UNTHSC about healthcare and homelessness. The symposium leader talked about the need and importance of “travel companions” in life. I jotted down “travel companions,” I instantly liked the sound of that phrase. Then last Sunday at church we sang the hymn Companions on the Journey . . . I was starting to see the pattern. And then a few days ago, while fighting a fever at home I was reading Small Victories by Anne Lamont and the title of the first chapter is Companions. Okay, I give in . . .

Reflecting on the word companion brings to mind the many ways we are important to each other. What I began to consider was the importance of the companions in my life and how blessed I am to have them. They are my sounding board, my safety net and my confidants. They are love and hope.

But after deeper contemplation, I started to see the true value in not only having companions but in being a companion. What an honor to be chosen by someone to share in their life’s journey. To be present with them in the various seasons of life, to be someone’s “travel companion.” As the lyrics of the refrain ring in my ears, “We are companions on the journey, breaking bread and sharing life; and in the love we bear is the hope we share.” I resolve to be mindful of the honor it is to have companions as well as to be a companion.



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