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Lisa Helm“What is it about the creation that makes the resurrection so important? What does the Jewish Exodus from Israel have to do with the way we live as Christians today? What do Jesus’ promises of the kingdom have to do with Adam and Eve? The story of God and us is long and features numerous twists and turns, but at its heart it is a coherent story of a creator who loves, redeems, and cares for us. ‘Christianity in 9 Weeks’ will tell the story like you’ve never heard it before, from front to back, from the very beginning to where we are today.”

— Rev. Lance Marshall

I had the opportunity to catch up with Rev. Lance Marshall this week and he shared with me that he is getting ready to start a 9-week series on Christianity this Sunday. I have to tell you that when he gave me the above description I was both excited and intrigued! I want to encourage everyone to come hear Lance “string it all together” in a way that is uplifting, encouraging, and makes sense. The story of Christianity is a connected one — but sometimes it’s difficult for us to do that. Because sermons and Sunday School lessons tend to jump around from Old Testament to New and every combination of the different books in between, it’s easy to ask, “Wait, what does Exodus have to do with the Resurrection?”

And, even if you’re on vacation and have to miss a week or two, no worries — you can always listen to the podcast to catch up. Just search FUMCFW in your podcast search engine and look for Lance’s latest podcast for The Gathering. Plus, check out the video below from Lance about this series.

Hope to see you at The Gathering!

Lisa Helm
Director of Welcoming Ministries


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