Clothing Ourselves in the Honor of History

By February 12, 2015FMC Foundation

SId J_FinalWEBLikewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

— 1 Peter 5:5   

Dr. Lamar Smith opened our live Five Pillars | Five Decades presentation earlier this fall with these words:

“Allow me to set the scene: The year is 1964. It is a year when parents who had disavowed Elvis Presley and the Peppermint Twist were joining their youngsters to watch the Ed Sullivan Show and enjoy the music of some British imports called The Beatles. Our vibrant city’s downtown was home to movie theatres, banks, department stores — even a subway! A war was raging tens of thousands of miles away, one that in many ways was tearing our country apart. But in downtown Fort Worth, at our glorious church that had started as a one-room frame structure in the late 1870s, over on 4th Street, a group of thoughtful gentlemen wanted to find a way to create an endowment for our beloved institution … and met to form what is now the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation.“

Foundation 50th_HSA First Methodist Associate Minister at the time, Dr. Smith saw it all unfold. He witnessed the beginning of a story of dedication, commitment, sharing and love that he not only shared with the audience at the Anniversary Celebration that evening, but that we have now prepared as a video on our website. Our own Ryan Mansfield, Manager of Audiovisual Services, and Taylor Davis, Director of Music and Worship Arts, have taken the narration and combined it with lovely images from the last 50 years of our church’s history set to music. Iconic, representative photographs show our sanctuary, choir and organ, congregation at worship, Sunday School gatherings, physical plant improvements, social events and much more — all to help us imagine what has happened since that last day of September five decades ago. And these are just a few of the archived items we have available!

At First United Methodist Church, archives are stored permanently located in room 223 of the main Church building. The Archives, our main resource for the images in our video, began with a special collection officially established in early 2006 when a dedicated group of church members developed a process to ensure the Church’s rich history is preserved. Archive volunteers follow a careful documentation procedure for items in the church’s possession. Perhaps you can contribute photos, letters and memories for collection, too. If you are interested in visiting our archives, or if you wish to donate FUMC memorabilia, please call 817/339-2401.

Click here to watch a video, narrated by Lamar Smith, about the birth of the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation.



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