Nativity Seen in the FUMCFW Chrismon Tree

By December 3, 2015Advent


Nativity Seen in the FUMCFW Chrismon Tree

“The Chrismon tree has been very meaningful . . . It adds to the worship and the Christmas season . . . We enjoy seeing the people come around and admire it and enjoy it.”

— Ann Maddox, FUMCFW Chrismon tree committee member since its inception

Every year after Thanksgiving, people everywhere start to hang lights, decorate trees, and get into the Christmas spirit. Here at FUMCFW, we kick off the holidays with the decorating of our Chrismon tree in the Narthex. If you attend our Sanctuary worship services, you can’t miss its stunning beauty. Like many other church members, you might even take Christmas photos in front of it to send to family and friends. What you may not know, however, is the remarkable story behind it.

Tracing a centuries-old tradition, Chrismons are a variety of Christian symbols used to proclaim the birth of Jesus Christ. (The words “Christ” and “monogram” are combined to form Chrismon.) Our own 15-foot Chrismon tree celebrates the birth of Jesus with more than 600 Christian monograms that were handmade by volunteers from our congregation. All ages of members crafted these lovely gifts, so the Chrismon tree is a product of our whole church.

Since 2009, a faithful committee of volunteers have come together to decorate our Chrismon tree to honor both this great Christian tradition and our own First Church Family members whose handmade Chrismons adorn this enormous tree. Rev. Chuck Graff and our committee members invite you to stop by and admire our Chrismon tree and all of its precious symbols as we begin our celebration of the Advent season made possible by the love and commitment of those who created and maintain this beautiful FUMCFW tradition.


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