Why choose BRIT for a First 7th worship service?

Why choose BRIT for our First 7th worship service?

On Sunday, Feb. 9, First 7th will hold our first worship preview worship service outside the FUMC campus, and we are thrilled to partner with the Botanical Research Institute of Texas to host this event! The decision to worship at BRIT was made very deliberately, and here are some of the key reasons why:

  1. We value your family. BRIT has two fantastic ways for First 7th to show how much we love your family. First is a special, kid-friendly room called the Treehouse, a secure and fun place for your infant to four-year-old to play during worship. The childcare will be Ministry Safe and staffed with top-notch, professional childcare workers, so you can relax and enjoy the service while your kiddos have fun.
    In addition, the service itself will encourage families to worship together. Nothing helps a child develop spiritually like attending worship with their parents, and First 7th will help you do that in a way that is fun and comfortable for both the parents and the kids. We’ll post more about this in upcoming weeks.
  2. We make it easy. BRIT is easy to get to, has plenty of free parking, and is a fun place to visit for the first time. We’ll have a number of clearly marked volunteers out front to help you find a parking spot and walk to the worship space. If you need childcare, we’ll show you the way there too!
  3. We love beautiful things. Connecting with God means absorbing the beauty and wonder of the world around us. Art, music, drama, architecture; all of these can help us connect to God’s creative nature. And BRIT is beautiful. Like, really beautiful. Check it out.
  4. We connect with the mission. Holding a worship service in a facility is a chance to support and encourage the mission of that organization. BRIT is a non-profit focused on promoting knowledge and conservation of God’s creation. They’re a wonderful organization with a beautiful calling, and we want to support them in whatever way we can.
  5. We love fun. Some places just have a good vibe, a positive energy that flows through them in ways that are hard to explain. BRIT is one of those places. You’ll see.

We can’t wait to see you on Feb. 9, 5 to 6 p.m. If you have any questions, shoot us an email.

God bless,



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