Choir This Sunday

By February 27, 2017Children's Ministries

Mark BurrowsThis Sunday, right after Children First, we would like to have a brief 30-minute rehearsal with everyone.

We’ll be done by 11:00 am — promise! With the musical coming up in less than three months, we can’t afford to simply skip a week.

At 11:00 am any choir kids who have roles in the musical — Cha-Cha and I will stay behind and can help you run lines.

Remember — March 19 is Memorization Day!

Also, we want you to have this in your consciousness early — on May 7, after the musical in Children First, we are planning to have a choir and families lunch celebration.

Right now it’s looking like Macaluso’s with a pasta buffet. (Thank you, Jennifer Ledbetter, for helping with this!)

Blessings, Friends!



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