Choir this Spring

Hi Choir Families.

I want to do two things — 1. Let you know about some choir dates. 2. Get your thoughts.

1. Dates:

  • February 11 — BOTH choirs and Moms/Mother Figures sing What a Wonderful World for Baby Celebration in the 11:00 Sanctuary service.
  • March 25 Junior Worship Leaders sing a combined Palm Sunday piece with the adult choir at both services.
  • May 13 — BOTH choirs and Dad/Father Figures sing The Tree Song for Mother’s Day in the 11:00 Sanctuary service.
  • TBA — BOTH choirs are going to get to sing The Star-Spangled Banner and Take Me Out to the Ball Game at a Challenger League game this spring.

For those who aren’t familiar — Challenger League baseball is an opportunity for children with special needs to get to play in a real baseball game.

It’s absolutely my favorite baseball ever! As soon as their spring schedule comes out, I’ll let you know. This will be SO fun, and a great way for us to reach beyond our walls.

2. Your Thoughts:

This year, our musical is based on Jesus’ miracle — the Feeding of the Five Thousand.

In the account from John, it is a child, sharing his lunch with Jesus, that provides the catalyst for the miracle.

Visiting with the Junior Worship Leaders this weekend, we would like to have the performance be in the afternoon or evening, and serve as a fundraiser/benefit for an entity to be decided on by the kids.

We are looking at Sunday, May 20. [This is late enough in the spring to give us ample time to prepare. And it fits neatly between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day Weekend.]

The big question — would you rather we had a big choir lunch at noon and then the performance at 1:30/2:00 . . . or . . . would you rather we had a 5:00 performance with a choir dinner afterward?

I really don’t want to make that decision “in a bubble,” so your feedback is very appreciated.





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