Safety and Alert Measures at Christmas Time

By December 11, 2019Security

Hello church members and guests,

The Christmas Holiday is upon us, and this festive time symbolizes many things to many people.

Christmas encourages us to look at all that we should be and are thankful for. With that said, Security, Staff, and the Preparedness Committee would like to mention a subject matter that is near and dear to all of us — our children!

The church as we know it is a place for all to come, worship God, and partake in the word of God. Therefore, the church has an inviting atmosphere about it, and the doors are open to all who come to worship.

While all the faces that we may pass or greet may not be familiar to us, we remain inviting and hospitable to all who visit the church and use its services.

Security, Staff, and the Preparedness Committee all share in the concerns of child safety and would like to also encourage and suggest that the members and guests going into the upcoming Christmas Holiday Services and other activities to make the following be part of your thoughts and plans:

  1. Remain vigilant of your child(ren) while visiting activities on or away from the church grounds.
  2. Do not entrust the care of your child with anyone with whom you are not familiar or that is estranged in relationship to you or your family.
  3. Make every effort to have a responsible adult accompany your child to the restroom at all times. If the child you have in your custody is of the opposite sex, remain in the nearby area until the child is out of the restroom to accompany you once again.
  4. Do not assume that your child is somewhere just because they said they would be. Verify that this is indeed a fact of the child’s whereabouts and reiterate to the child(ren) to remain there until escorted by a responsible and trusted individual.
  5. For the sake of a child potentially losing contact with his or her parent, we suggest that parents explain to the child(ren) prior to visiting church or other holiday activities the importance of finding a member of Security, a Peace Officer, or an Usher or Greeter of the church immediately. These individuals are in place for the safety of the child(ren) and to help locate parent(s) if needed. These individuals mentioned as a source of helping your child(ren) have gone through background checks and the Ministry Safe Process as well to better assure all the church members of their trustworthiness. For the parents who are not familiar with the Ministry Safe Process, it is an educational and informational process for the reporting of safety issues to protects child(ren).

When in doubt or if you have safety concerns, we ask you to contact the main Security phone number at 817/443-1980.

For those who are unaware, Security would like to also bring to your attention that an Emergency Notification System is now in place thanks to the work and dedication of the Preparedness Committee.

This system is for the quick notification to all who have opted in to be notified of emergency type situations on the church campus or that have affected the church campus.

We are aware that new members have been added to the First United Methodist Church membership and therefore we are posting this information from the previous Christmas with the hope that every family viewing this blog is notified of the opportunity to opt into the notification system as well.

These emergencies may include medical emeergencies, tornado warnings, bomb threats, disruptive or violent behavior, fire emergencies and evacuations, or criminal activity. The system has multiple uses and we are fortunate to have it in place for whatever the emergency need may be.

Security, Staff, and the Preparedness Committee cannot express the care and attention that has been placed into the activation of this system for the safety of everyone on the First United Methodist Church campus.

If you have not yet opted in to this emergency notification system, please be sure to stop by the Welcome Center before or after Sunday services as soon as possible. The opt-in process doesn’t take but a few minutes and involves a few simple steps that only require that you have your cell phone in your possession.

We Are Wishing You All, A Safe And Happy Holiday!

Ron Hicks
Director of Security


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