Check Your Email

I hope by now many of you who received an email on Tuesday from FUMC Information have successfully opened it along with the two attachments and found your 2019 Contribution Statement and our letter of thanks for your generosity.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this secure and cost-efficient means of providing you this important information. We appreciate your willingness to participate.

I can assure you that the IT and Business departments have spent many hours in developing the program which made this possible. However, we also know that with anything new, there may be some glitches.

If you were not able to open your email or the attachments, please reach out to the IT department at 817-546-4403.

If you have specific questions about your contributions or contribution statement, please reach out to the Business department at or call Larry Ammerman at 817-339-3884.

If you prefer to receive your contribution statements by email but did not receive it in this way, please contact the IT department at the above-referenced phone number.

Again, thank you for participating in our stewardship ministry and for your generosity.

Together through Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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