This Sunday, Charles Gaby Speaking On “Waking Up to Our Roots”

Whatever has happened — that’s what will happen again; whatever has occurred — that’s what will occur again. There’s nothing new under the sun.

— Ecclesiastes 1:9

“Life is a dream we learn to have from a script we did not write.”

— Sylvan Tomkins

How can we change the unhealthy patterns that seem to dominate our culture and world, not to mention those in our lives and relationships? OUR GUEST SPEAKER this Sunday will be Charles Gaby, MA, LPC, whose new book presents a compelling approach to waking up to new ways of living in the world that heal relationships and challenge destructive patterns. Charles started the eleven:eleven celebration nearly 14 years ago and was, for 11 years, the Director of Counseling (and the Center for Creative Transformation) at FUMCFW. 
He continues in his counseling and coaching work in Dallas with his wife, Jennifer Lawson (Director/Owner, Sync Yoga and Wellbeing Center). A versatile singer/songwriter, as well as speaker, you can now hear Charles’ radio program, Roots of Change, weekly,
 Saturday (10:00 am) and Monday (7:00 pm) on 97.5. His new book, Choosing to Evolve: A Guide to Waking Up sold out in its first run on Amazon this month. But it will be available for sale at the back of Wesley Hall after the celebration.

I hope you can join us as we continue our Lenten series exploring where we find God grounded in our experiences in the world and how we can wake up to what is possible and new in a divisive and anxiety-driven reality. Join us for this special reunion and message with Charles. I’ll be on hand for a gift of story and, as always, the Revolution Band with some inspiring new music!

Sunday, March 4

Grounded: Finding God in the World

“waking up to our roots”

Charles Gaby

With the Revolution Band and the music of Florence and the Machine,

Charles Gaby, and Phillip Phillips

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