CFI — Church Family Informant

Larry Grubb

This is such a rewarding ministry. Sometimes people are facing scary illnesses, sometimes they have had a family member or close friend pass away, sometimes there are confusion and memory issues, sometimes they are just lonely and feel forgotten. Often they just want an encouraging word, someone to listen to their stories, someone to hold their hand, have a scripture read or a prayer offered, to be able to know that they still matter.

You can become a part of this vital ministry — be a Church Family Informant!

If you become aware that one of our members moves from their home or a facility to a new and different place to call home, please call or email Rev. Phyllis Barren ( at 817/339-5802, and let her know. We have become aware that our senior members frequently move and we often don’t find out about it.

If someone goes to the hospital or a rehab facility, please call the church at 817/336-7277, and let us know. The HIPPA laws come into play and many times we do not know about such admissions. The church wants to be in ministry to these folks and we need you as an informant to help keep us up-to-date. We would rather be over informed than NOT informed.

If you are aware that one of our homebound family is ill, facing a crisis situation, or just needs a visit and a pastoral call would be welcome, please call Rev. Phyllis Barren at 817/339-5802.

You can make this very unique little congregation of folks within our larger church family a part of your prayer life. So many of them have told me that one of their joys is praying for their church.

Larry Grubb,
Associate Pastor

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