Reflections on Summer 2014

By August 29, 2014Stewardship & Generosity

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Summertime at FUMC Fort Worth is not a time to kick back and put your feet up. This is a busy place in the summer! When I joined the staff on June 2, one of my first staff meetings was a calendar planning time. It really opened my eyes to the many activities that take place at FUMCFW during the summer months. My first hands-on experience included going to Lyle Lodge for Mission Day Camp. I loved getting to see the service projects that the children were working on during the week. It was impressive to see how serious they took their work — and I do mean work. Of course there was time for fun like swimming, canoeing and games, but service was at the center of their camp activity. It was an amazing experience for me to witness the work of the counselors and children.

At another staff meeting we heard about the youth work trip to Oklahoma, the adult mission trip to Costa Rica, and I got to hear the “Welcome Home” concert by the youth choir after their tour to New Mexico. Besides the opportunity for service, all these activities changed lives both for the participants and the recipients.

I also now understand why the leaders of Vacation Bible School plan a year out for the next VBS week. It was evident to me how much work the leaders had put into the planning as they welcomed 535 children this year. Again, it was a totally amazing experience to see hundreds of children learn the stories in the Bible in such a creative and energetic format. I was able to spend a few minutes with the third graders as they made prayer flags that were carried to Africa by the Kenya Mission Team, and all of the VBS families were able to support the children in Kenya by purchasing school supplies that were taken by the Mission Team.

Now that we are nearing the end of our First Church summer, another important thing becomes clear. Especially at this time of year it is important to make sure you are current with your giving commitment to the church. While all of these exciting and meaningful missions and ministries were budgeted and stayed within their budgets, the sheer volume of all these activities puts a seasonal strain on our cash flow. So if you have not already done so, please renew your commitment to the church; if you made an annual commitment earlier this year, please strive to be current with your giving.

As we celebrate the important moments of Summer 2014 as a faith community, I continue to be in awe of all we do here to Love God, Serve People, and Transform Lives.

Yours in Christ,



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