Celebrating Janitors, Rocket Scientists and You

Nancy FisherOne of my favorite anecdotes about President John F. Kennedy supposedly took place in 1962 when he visited the NASA Space Center. As he was touring the facility, he interrupted his tour to visit with one of the janitors. The President approached the man with a friendly hello followed by typical questions with the last one being, “What are you doing?” The janitor responded confidently, “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

Now I know that there are those who are skeptical that this really happened so I am bringing it to you as a modern-day parable.

What a wonderful attitude the janitor had; what a show of pride and ownership; what an understanding by this man with a broom as to how his being contributed to NASA accomplishing its mission. He knew that in providing the cleanest and most cluttered-free environment, creative thinking by others would lead to “out of this world” accomplishments.

Here at First Church, we do not need a lot of “rocket scientists” to achieve our mission. But like that NASA janitor, everyone who walks through our doors has a significant role!

We need people who will volunteer for Fall Children’s Academy; who will sing in Choral Union; who will teach a Bible study; who will work in the library. We are looking for those who have limited time but will show up every Sunday in the sanctuary at 9:30 with a warm smile, a friendly hello and a dollar bill. We appreciate those who faithfully fulfill their Ministry Commitment and Operating Fund pledge which means electric and water bills get paid and ministries and programs happen.

Take a moment and think about your significant role here at FUMCFW. How much are you like that NASA janitor?

Do you take pride and ownership in this community of faith? I hope you do!

Do you respond with confidence and enthusiasm when asked what your role is? I hope you do!

Do you dream about what is next for FUMCFW and how you will be a part of its future? I hope you do.

Few of us are rocket scientists or working to put a man on the moon. However, let’s not discount the vital role each of us has been given – to be living examples of God’s love in all places: our church, our city, our world, and perhaps one day, thanks to that NASA janitor and his co-workers, to those who live beyond our earthly world.

In the days ahead, please stop me in the hallways and share how you view your significant role here at First Church. It will give me the chance to celebrate you!





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