Because this is how we celebrate

first7th_5.29After our First 7th worship service this Sunday (5:00 to 6:00 pm at 801 W. 5th St), we’re going to do something awesome.

We’re going to eat.

You may not consider eating awesome, but think back on some of the best times in your life. Birthday parties. Reunions with friends. Vacations. Weddings. Family gatherings. The spectacular and the regular, most of our favorite memories involve sharing meals together.

Why? Because this is how we celebrate.

“Breaking bread” is always about love. It’s about feeling good and enjoying the best life has to offer. It’s just like the wise Teacher says in Ecclesiastes: “There’s nothing better for human beings than to eat, drink, and experience pleasure in their hard work.”

So lets do that! Our dinner will be casual, served in a way where you can eat comfortably with your family and meet some new friends, too. This Sunday we celebrate the risen Christ, seated in heaven and empowering us through the Holy Spirit. That’s something to celebrate, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

God bless,



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