The Rewards of Our Gifts

By June 22, 2016Support Ministries

Larry GrubbWhen there are health and memory issues, not enough money to pay the bills, aches and pains that are ever-present, family members living a great distance away, too many friends outlived, eyes that are weak and hearing even weaker — all of this and more could make for lots of unhappiness and feeling sorry for oneself. What I usually find through our Congregational Care Ministry, however, is our members’ joy for being alive, excitement over hearing the birds outside, gratitude for what they have, and sparkle in their eyes that they have been remembered. These are my rewards many times over.

There are sad times — times when difficult questions are asked and answers are hard to come by. In these times a moment spent holding a hand, reading a favorite scripture, or having a prayer brings comfort to someone who is hurting and lonely and oftentimes forgotten.

Just over a year ago my wife and I were visiting a man in his 90s who was quite ill. He was weak and at the same time very alert. After a short visit, I offered to have prayer with him and he was so grateful. We all held hands as we prayed together. At the close, this very dear man asked if he could pray for us, and he offered a beautiful prayer of love and gratitude. Who was he? Former Speaker of the House Jim Wright.

This is a ministry that you help support with your gifts to this church. So when you give that offering, give just a quick thought to how your gift will bless so many people in so many different ways. Our church is a place for all to worship that is accessible and comfortable — a place for you and your family to learn and grow and share in family celebrations both joyous and sad. There are not many places I know of where you get this much “bang for your buck.”

Larry Grubb
Part-Time Associate Pastor


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