Carpenters Make God’s House Our Home

By | Jun-09-2016 | FUMCFW People

God’s house is our church home — the place we spend our time as a faith community. Here at FUMCFW, we strive to keep it in the best shape possible. That’s why our Trustees inspect the property each spring to determine what repairs are needed.


More Than 3 Million Stitches for God

By | Apr-15-2016 | FUMCFW People

Some people stitch as a therapeutic hobby — an age-old version of the latest coloring book craze. Others stitch as a means to an end — to patch a ripped coat or hem a new skirt. Sualice Armstrong and Diann Stadler “will stitch for God.”


Member Spotlight: Joan Gaspard — Living Ministry

By | Oct-15-2015 | FUMCFW People

From tireless advocacy for people living with physical challenges to a career spent teaching students who otherwise would miss out on the opportunity for education, longtime church member and lay leader Joan Gaspard sets a high standard for compassion, commitment, and creative involvement with issues and opportunities she feels called to pursue.


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