Uniting Methodists

By | Sep-14-2017 | News

As the official work of the United Methodist Church continues through the Commission on a Way Forward, we anticipate they will release their final report next spring. As we approach hearing from them, we want you to be informed about the conversation and prepared to engage in ideas from all perspectives on human sexuality.


Bring Your Bible THIS SUNDAY!

By | Sep-13-2017 | News

Remember the day when you were given your first Bible? Remember the sense of awe and reverence you felt as you first opened its cover to find, perhaps, your name inscribed in it with the date and name of who was giving it to you?


Send us your DOGS!

By | Sep-13-2017 | News, Traditional Worship

No, not the actual dogs. What we’re looking for here is an assortment of favorite dog photos from our First Church family for use in our promotions of Dr. Bruster’s October sermon series: “The Gospel According to Dogs: What Our Four-Legged Friends Can Teach Us,” beginning Sunday, October 8.


John Howard! Who Knew?

By | Sep-08-2017 | News

As our own John Howard gets ready to take on his newest role as FUMCFW Executive Director, we thought we’d take a more playful look at the real John Howard — and the winding path that brought him to where he is today.


See you at the tailgate!

By | Sep-08-2017 | News

Join the fun before the game at the official Dr. Lamar Smith Tailgate Party that will begin at 12:15 pm in the parking lot of Farrington Field before Texas Wesleyan University’s Rams prepare to kick off its first football game in 76 years at 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 9 at Farrington Field (1501 University Dr., Fort Worth).


Hook ‘em . . . Rams!

By | Sep-01-2017 | News

To commemorate this historic occasion, FUMCFW’s official Dr. Lamar Smith Tailgate Party will begin at 12:15 pm, prior to the game, in the parking lot of Farrington Field.


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