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Media Ministry 40th: Thank You!

By | Mar-29-2015 | Media Ministries, News

Concluding an entire month of reflecting on the many blessings and milestones of our FUMCFW Media Ministry, Sr. Pastor Dr. Tim Bruster and others express appreciation and thanks for this ever-evolving commitment to sharing our church’s messages, ministry, and community — beyond the walls.


Media Ministry 40th: A Family of Commitment

By | Mar-22-2015 | Media Ministries, News

The bond created by a 40-year commitment to Media Ministry is one of family, friendship and mutual support. Celebrating the vision of its founders as it welcomes new faces and ideas, this ministry continues to thrive on its commitment to one another, to excellence, and to our church.


Media Ministry 40th: Reflections of A New Generation

By | Mar-14-2015 | Media Ministries

With 40 years of service from many of the same Media Ministry volunteers, many of them husband and wife teams, it stands to reason that this legacy of service and commitment carries through to the children of these volunteers. Listen to the earliest memories and reflections of a member of our newest generation of FUMCFW Media Ministry volunteers.


Media Ministry 40th: Reaching Beyond the Walls

By | Mar-14-2015 | Media Ministries, News

In addition to reaching thousands upon thousands of people each year via live stream of worship services to computers and mobile devices worldwide, FUMCFW Media Ministry celebrates its unique mission of providing access to viewers in special circumstances who otherwise would not be able to share worship — or other special experiences such as weddings, funerals — and even baptisms from half a world away.


Media Ministry 40th: Sunday School-ed

By | Mar-08-2015 | Media Ministries

Despite thinking he was “getting away” with skipping Sunday School as a teenager, it was in his TV Studio “hideout” that Engineer Bryan Corser’s TV ministry education began at the feet of founder Richard LaBoon. Listen to this longtime Media Ministry volunteer tell of the Sunday morning lesson he still lives today!


FUMCFW Media Ministries Turns 40 Today!

By | Mar-01-2015 | Media Ministries, News

Welcome to the launch of our new Sunday Night Serial video series, coming to your inbox every Sunday evening to offer special insight into the people and programs of our FUMCFW faith community. To help celebrate our Media Ministry’s 40th anniversary, tonight’s installment, Introduced by a vintage graphic created by veteran crew member and director Barry Hudson and founder Buddy Brutsche’s classic voice-over that opened each week’s live TV broadcast,  features an original interview with Former Senior Pastor Dr. Walter Underwood tracing the origins of this exciting ministry.


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