UPDATE: La Trinidad UMC Needs Our Help

By June 9, 2014Outreach


Thanks to your generosity, within hours of requesting your help we had received many of the items on the list. There are still items needed for the Macias family, click here to download the flyer to see how you can help!


Staff_Graff, ChuckCAN YOU HELP?

This special request came from our district office. La Trinidad (and Diamond Hill ministries) have been anticipating a full-time appointment for close to one year now and are excited to know that they now have an appointment with Rev. Samuel Macias. Rev. Macias, his wife Saby, and their three girls will move into the parsonage close to Diamond Hill —  a house that is mostly empty. The family will only be able to bring clothing and maybe one or two personal items with them.

You are invited to take a few moments and check out the list below — are there items you might be able to contribute to this family’s needs? If so, please contact Mr. Ben Davila, Lay Leader at LaTrinidad UMC, at 817/673-0714 or me (cgraff@myfumc.org) at 817/339-5065.


Rev. Chuck Graff

Items needed for the parsonage at La Trinidad United Methodist Church:

Master Bedroom & Bath
-Queen size sheets, 2 sets.
-Pillows, 2 each & cases, 2 sets
-Lamps & shades, 2 ea.
-Towels, hand & bath, 2 sets
-Wash cloths, 2 sets
-Rod for shower curtain + liner + hooks
-Bath mat
-Toilet Paper
-Bar soap &/or body wash(bottles) and hand soap w/ dispenser
-Trash can, medium

Bedroom 1 (for 3 girls) located across Master Bedroom
-Twin bed (for 1 girl)
-Two sets of sheets and pillow & cases, 2 sets
-Night stand and lamp
-Bunk beds (for 2 girls)
-Two sets of sheets for each bed w/ pillows, 2 each & cases, 2 sets
-Chairs, 2 each
-Chest of drawers (2)

Bedroom 2 (Guest Room)
-Queen size sheets, 2 sets
-Pillows, 2 each & cases, 2 sets
-Twin lamps
-Trash cans, two small
-Chairs, 2

Hall Bathroom
-Towels, hand & bath, 6 sets
-Wash cloths, 8 sets,
-Rod for shower curtain + liner + hooks
-Bar soap &/or body wash(bottles) and hand soap w/dispenser
-Bath mat
-Toilet paper
-Trash can, medium

Dining Room
-Dining Table
-Lamps, 2

-Paper towels
-Paper plates
-Plastic forks, knives, spoons
-Set of coffee cups/mugs
-Set of pots, skillets and serving dishes
-Dish towels
-Dish soap (Dawn)
-Dish washer soap
-Trash can (medium)
-Kitchen knives, large and paring size for prepping meals
-Kitchen spoons
-Cutting board

-computer & printer

Den/Family Room
-Sofa (davenport)
-Flat screen television (for wall mounting)
-Wall mirrors


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