Can We Count on You?

Dear Friends,

We wrapped up our formal 2021 Stewardship Campaign this last Sunday. I want to do a special shout out of thanks to several members who were wonderful spokespersons sharing their personal insight on faithfulness and giving either by participating in a worship services or making a video.

Dr. Bruster recently shared that we respond to God’s faithfulness through our own actions – in the way we live our lives; in the way we answer Christ’s call to serve; and in the way we use our resources.

People who make a financial commitment are practicing discipleship and acknowledging God’s faithfulness and generosity for them.

Your thoughtful and intentional giving makes it possible for First Church to share God’s faithfulness through our ministries and programs in the way of –vibrant and inspiring worship services; children ministries which speak to not only our youngest disciples in training but even to our adult inner child; music ministry which provides joy, peace, and glory to God through the beauty of voice and instruments; youth ministries and our Congregational Care ministries which are more important than ever as we live through this pandemic…and so many more!

I know we will continue to receive commitments over the next several weeks as well as throughout the year. After all, stewardship is a year-round ministry, and it’s your committed dollars that we count on for accomplishing our Christ-inspired mission.

Close to 72% of member giving to the Ministry and Operating Fund comes as a result of commitments.

For those of you who have already made your 2021 commitment, thank you.

If you are still thinking and praying about it, I want to encourage you to look at your 2021 Ministry and Operating Fund commitment as not only an opportunity to elevate our ministries to their full potential but also as an opportunity for you to grow in your faithfulness and discipleship. I also thank you for your consideration!

I look forward to reporting back to you in the near future on our successful campaign.

I love being in community with you. I am grateful for all that you are and all that you do. I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Together through Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship

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