Camp Barnabas Part Dos

Andrew MochrieThis week we have two more testimonies from Camp Barnabas! We hope that you enjoy their stories and voices!

Hayley Tucker (Graduated Senior)

Camp Barnabas means that I get a week were I devote myself fully to another person. I get to share and spread the love of God to someone else. I love going every year and making sure that my camper is having an amazing time.

I see God through all of the campers, missionaries, and staffers. All of the hard work the staffers and missionaries do to help make the camp a safe and happy environment for the campers is a blessing and it makes Camp Barnabas a wonderful place to attend. To see everyone come together to spread the word of God is truly an amazing opportunity.

Camp Barnabas has affected my faith dramatically. When you go there as a missionary you aren’t going there for yourself you are going there to make sure the camper you get has the most amazing time they could possibly have. You see so much of God there in everyone and it is very inspiring to know that you contributed to making that week for them amazing.

Christian Muttiah (Rising Sophomore)

To me Camp Barnabas is a place where kids with special needs go to be normal kids for a week, they go to have fun, make friends, and learns about god.

I see god in all of the campers there, when campers have smiles that their faces can’t contain you know that god is there, he wants them to have the best week of their life.

Camp Barnabas has showed me the hardships of having a special need but it has also showed me that kids with special needs are kids no matter what and they deserve the same love and opportunities as those who don’t have special needs.

It truly is a joy to watch our young people lay down their lives for others. The work that God does in and through our teenagers is matchless and breathtaking. Thank you for your love and support of our youth, we hope that their stories are encouraging and a life giving component of your faith!

Grace and Peace,

Andrew Mochrie


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