Building with Faith and Confidence!

Robert StovallAs many of our choir members know, my wife and I are currently involved in a huge project. We are BUILDING A NEW HOME! Without going into details, it goes without saying that this project is by far a big undertaking. When we first started (and we started a bit unprepared in that we sold our home in FOUR HOURS), the excitement was incredibly high. Meeting with the builder and architect, designing the house, working within a budget, making adjustments along the way, and eyeballing every detail we could think of (my wife especially) is all part of a process. There were many times when we felt as if we were not qualified to make certain decisions on the home. That’s when we started going to those who know about these decisions. We rely on people we are working closely with on this project. People who DO know the options and consequences based on our decisions are vital in this project. As a result, in this journey we have developed close relationships with our “partners” (i.e., builder, his team, etc.). Thanks to these relationships, we are becoming much more CONFIDENT in our direction, in our thought process, and in our decision-making. As mentioned above, because of our relationships we have with our partners in this journey, we feel the support and a genuine best interest approach to our decision-making. We could not do it alone.

Have you ever thought about how important confidence is in your daily life — confidence that whatever decision(s) you make daily, things will turn out for the best? That’s the goal. “Things will turn out for the best!” Have you ever heard the statements: I have faith in you. I have faith that you will make the right decision. Hmm . . . faith, confidence, faith, confidence. Could it be said that these two terms can walk hand in hand, side by side? My FAITH allows me to be confident in making decisions. My FAITH allows me to feel confident. My FAITH allows me to walk my daily journey without reservation but rather with confidence.

Depending on your relationship with God could determine how confident you are in your approach to life decisions. A tremendous deep love for the Lord and a strong, courageous walk in faith will allow you to become more confident in your daily life’s decisions. Developing a close relationship with God and knowing that he has the answers to your prayers, concerns, and questions can be comforting and allow you to move forward with confidence. I encourage you to examine your approach to daily decisions. What governs your approach? Faith? Confidence? Both? Whatever it may be, make sure God is your partner in this journey and develop a close relationship with the Lord in order that you may feel the confidence through your faith walk.




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