Bring Your Bible THIS SUNDAY!

By September 13, 2017News

shutterstock_248700502Remember the day when you were given your first Bible? Remember the sense of awe and reverence you felt as you first opened its cover to find, perhaps, your name inscribed in it with the date and name of who was giving it to you? Think for a moment about that new book smell — and the intrigue tickling your imagination as you flipped through those paper thin pages of tiny print — maybe some of it red — for the very first time. What would it be like to read the whole thing?

This will be that Sunday for 52 of our First Church third-graders who will be receiving their very own Bibles during our 11:00 am Sanctuary worship service. We sure hope you’ll be there to help make a memory they’ll carry for a lifetime.

To celebrate this milestone moment, we’re all bringing our own Bibles to church this Sunday and, when prompted, we’ll hold them up to show our kiddos that yes, we still have one! And, regardless of which version we prefer as we’ve grown older, by now most of us have read all or part of it, some of us have read it many times, and this practice is something we all share as Christians.

Join the celebration and become part of the memory we’re making together as a church family. See you on Sunday in the Sanctuary — with your favorite Bible!




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