When the Bright Lights Have Faded Away

By February 23, 2017DiscipleChurch, Worship

Charme RobartsThis Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday. Transfiguration is an old word for change, and in the story about Jesus on a mountain with three of his disciples, the change that came over Jesus is described as dazzling, bright, white, and glorious — spectacular enough that the disciples fell to the ground.

Who doesn’t love a spectacular light show, a display of glory, something that excites and inspires? We are all drawn to these kinds of experiences. And we are blessed if we have them. But as we all know, we have to go back down to earth after a while. For the disciples, the end of the mountain trail led them to a problem they couldn’t solve, a perplexing word from Jesus about his suffering and death, and what else — an argument with the other disciples! Seems the bright lights had faded away.

Life is filled with problems we can’t solve, with the realities of suffering and death, and of course people who are hard to get along with. We’re going to need a light, some change, and we may need to keep quiet about the spectacular. Go ahead, read the story, and you will see what I’m referring to. One version of it is in Mark 9:1-9. I hope to see you Sunday in DiscipleChurch to talk about this a little more.



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