Bridges of the Heart on the Pathway to Peace

Len Delony1Every day, a part of me gets anxious as I prepare to check on the latest news.

More often than not, if I react to what I just read, or heard, or saw, I feel enraged . . . which is often followed by the scent of suspicion and cynicism. Soon, a protective numbness starts to take over and constricts my perceptions and reactions in a shell of fear and distrust.

If I don’t intentionally and prayerfully pause to let go of that initial reaction, fear and suspicion seems to shape everything I hear and see.

But if I DO take the time for a prayerful sigh and “second breath,” a whole different worldview emerges. Where I once was blind, I can now see a whole new realm of possibilities for peace. I begin to hear how I might be called to be an instrument of God’s peace. And there before my eyes emerges a community and reality beyond words that is truly holy and healing.

(Quick aside — As I watched the political conventions and related news the last two weeks, I remember my blog from April 21 of this year. I was writing about long-term transformation for us as a democracy and how “who we are” when we vote matters as much as who we vote for. Now, three months later, I feel it is my responsibility to emphasize that who we vote for matters, and that everyone should discern and vote prayerfully, because who we vote for this fall matters immensely . . . for the immediate and the long run. If we say “In God We Trust,” we must take the time to dig deeply and listen with “ears of the heart” in order to experience and understand what that means about who we are and who we are called to be. As a people of deep faith . . . we are called to be a people with grace-filled vision and humble trust in God’s guidance . . . Not trust our own ability to build Towers in Babel.)

But we have to let go of our own ego in order to open up to experience and discern God’s guidance and live into God’s beloved community.

I have written in several blogs recently about “Building Bridges” in our city and beyond.

Now, looking forward, more as a gift from God (and our response to God’s invitation) than an ego’s well-calculated “idea” and proposal, we have an amazing opportunity to host one of the most important “Bridge Building” events in North Texas.

One month from today here at First Methodist, on Sunday afternoon, August 28, we will host a collaborative Interfaith Symposium entitled “Pathway to Peace.”

This is one of the best ways to respond to God’s call in the midst of the shocking and painful news from around the world that we are challenged by each and every day.

Lord, make us instruments of your peace . . .

See the flyer and mark your calendar. And please come join us next month . . . and bring a friend . . .

Grace and peace,



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