Breakfast With the Loved Ones

Easter Sunday is a full slate of important, moving, and memorable happenings at FUMCFW. It will start early with our weekly breakfast for people who are homeless, an event that happens every Sunday because of the love and dedication of 25 or so regular volunteers. This week we are moving that breakfast across the street to The Center For Transforming Lives (formerly the YWCA) to make setup and clean up a little easier for all the services that will follow throughout the morning in Wesley Hall and the Sanctuary.

“The Breakfast,” as we call it, has been going on for several years now opening the doors of our church to people who have no doorways of their own, but who come in to find an hour of peace, welcome, good food, music, and familiar faces to add to the rhythm of their lives. People who are homeless experience instability in their daily lives, but our breakfast provides a bit of “normal” that they can count on week after week.

Our Easter message from the FUMCFW breakfast crew to the guests who are homeless and to our fellow church members is from the words of the New Testament:

Though we all grow older and our bodies begin to fail,
the inside of us is renewed day by day

How is this optimism possible? All of us grow older and we know we will not stay as we were. If our circumstance is full of struggle as is the case with our homeless friends and many others, how can we remain optimistic and full of some semblance of hope and well-being?

It is because of the image and Spirit of God in each of us — renewing us, sustaining us, giving us hope to take the next step.

In the New Testament stories of the resurrection of Jesus, John says, sort of as an addendum, that Jesus invited his friends to breakfast, and at that breakfast he asked them, “do you love me?” And when they said yes, he said, “then feed my sheep.” The distant language of “feed my sheep,” still resonates. It means give attention, give love to the ones I love. There are lots of ways for us to do that. This Sunday morning, one more time we will serve breakfast to our neighbors who are without homes.

Charme Robarts
Community Advocate


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