Fort Worth Blue Zones Project — Aging Well

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I attended a symposium about “Aging Well: Body, Mind and Spirit” last week. One of the presentations was about the Blue Zones project that is currently happening in Ft. Worth. The “Blue Zones” are longevity spots around the globe where there are clusters of peopleliving past 100 years old — Sardinia Italy, Okinawa Japan, Loma Linda California, Ikaria Greece, and Nocoya Costa Rica. Dan Buettner, of National Geographics and now a best selling author, studied the people from these places and found that there were 9 healthy habits that they had in common — moving naturally (walking lots), had a purpose to get up in the morning, they downshift daily to de-stress, stopping eating at 80% full, plant based diet, wine at 5:00 pm daily, strong social network, a strong faith community, and putting loved ones first over work and other things. Please be listening to hear more about this 5 year project to educate Ft. Worth folks about how to age well and take a moment and look at it online at Cheers to a long and healthy life!



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