A Blessed Use of Time

By October 21, 2015Support Ministries

Larry GrubbShe has been homebound for several years. She is 89 years old and though she is confined to her bed most of the time, she is very alert. She cared for her husband for a lengthy time when he was quite incapacitated and ill. They were such a loving couple who dearly loved each other and their church. After his death she remained active for a short while and soon her body just wore out.

She spends most of her time in bed now, unable to walk. She can get to her wheel chair and move about her home some, but soon tires and has to go to bed. For some this would be such a place and time of defeat for them. Not this lady! She has better things to do with her time.

When she awakens in the morning she has her morning devotional time. She greets the day at peace and ready for what the day has to offer. She gets in her wheel chair and manages to feed the dogs and fix herself a cup of coffee. In that order, always putting someone ahead of her needs and desires.

After a bite of breakfast, she is ready to go back to her bed and rest. Some of us would be saying, “What am I going to do with this day?” Not this lady. She may watch the DVD of our worship service. She is so grateful that the church provides this for those like her. She feels like she really gets to ‘go to church.’ Can’t you hear her singing along with the congregation?

She spends countless hours in prayer for her church. She prays by name for those she remembers and remembers all the staff in prayer. She is so thankful for her church, its ministry, its presence in our community and the world, and that she has been and continues to be blessed by it in so many ways. She says, “All I can do is pray.” I assured her that is a very big ALL she does every day.

So if you are ever feel a bit down or sorry for yourself, think of this lady. It will brighten your day. We each have so much for which to be grateful and this lady and her devotion are on our gratitude list.

Larry Grubb


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