Bittersweet: Personal News from Rev. Casey Orr

By June 5, 2018Churchwide, News

Dear Church Family,

I have personal news to share with you — and it is equal parts exciting and difficult.

My husband, Michael, has accepted a wonderful new job with a logistics company. This new position will allow him to use his gifts and training while challenging and stretching him. This week, Michael begins a six-week training and orientation time in Omaha, Nebraska while I remain in Fort Worth with James and Abby. At the conclusion of that time, we will move to Nashville, Tennessee where he will be able to establish his office.

Many of you know that Michael and I are both Nashville natives. This move will allow us to raise James and Abby alongside their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins — and a supportive village of friends with whom we joyfully look forward to reconnecting.

While we have a lot to look forward to, we are also grieving the conclusion of our time at FUMC Fort Worth.

Since I moved here to serve as the youth pastor in 2011, this staff and congregation have become my family — and my family’s family! For that, I want to extend to you my deepest gratitude. Serving this church for seven years has been a great privilege. From youth ministry to discipleship, my work allowed me to engage deeply with the heart of this church, to learn who you are and where you aspire to go. Your passion and faithfulness have kept me driven and inspired. You made ministry incredibly fun.

Personally, you walked with me through my life’s most joyful events my marriage to Michael, the births of my children, and my ordination. I don’t know who I am separate from having been part of this community and I don’t know how to tell the story of my family without you at the center.

I want you to know that I am going to work closely with Dr. Bruster, the clergy, the staff, and lay leaders to ensure that my transition is smooth. My final day will be July 31 and we will move soon after that. There will be plenty of time for goodbyes, but for now I’d simply like to thank you for nurturing my ministry, caring for me, and loving my family so well. Your discipleship has inspired me and your friendship has sustained me.

This is an exciting time in the life of our church. The Spirit is moving through this place. We are witnessing the impact of a clear vision for the future, inspiring energy in worship, the powerful influence of the laity, a creative and passionate staff, and ministries that are always evolving and trying new things. It’s hard for me to imagine not participating in the promising times ahead, but I look forward to seeing what is next for FUMC Fort Worth!

Thank you for your prayers and support during this exciting time for me and my family!

Peace and more peace,

Rev. Casey Orr
Associate Pastor of Discipleship


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