A Birthright for the Ages

Staff_Marshall, MikeDear Friends,

Our “birthrights” are those privileges, possessions and values that we inherit. Life without birthrights would be awful… as Esau found out in Genesis. When I think about contemporary stories of birthrights, I think of the late, great Tim Russert, who died unexpectedly in 2008.

In his book, Big Russ & Me, Russert said this:

      “On Election Night 2000, I sat on the NBC set as state after state projected for either George W. Bush or Al Gore. In trying to make sense of it, I started writing on the back of a legal pad, the states that were still being contested. As I held up my changing chart to the camera, I could almost see my father nodding his head and saying, “Now I understand. Now I get it. Keep it simple. Forget those fancy computers.” For the rest of the night, I used dry-erase boards to show how close the election was. The legal pad that I initially used was an idea that came straight from Dad.

      On January 1, 1997, I traveled to the American Legion Post in South Buffalo, where Dad had once been commander. Every New Year’s Day there was an open house for its members and their families. We pushed together tables and sat with Dad and his buddies. He talked about the men like himself who returned home from World War II. “They wanted community,” he said. “They wanted a home. They wanted a good reputation with their kids. What’s the old saying? ‘Your nose to the grindstone and hope for the best.’” That expression captures the essence of Dad: endlessly hardworking and eternally optimistic.”

Endlessly hardworking and eternally optimistic… Combine that with the unconditional love of God and look what we have —
A Birthright for the Ages!

In Christ,






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