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In our family, as I’m sure in yours, we often look at the children among us and talk about how this one or that one has her father’s eyes, her mother’s smile, or her uncle’s sharp wit. Sometimes when I laugh, I hear my mother’s voice. Steve Martin, in the hilarious 80s movie Father of the Bride, tried to defend or explain to his future son-in-law a certain quirkiness in his daughter and in himself. He said, “We come from a long line of passionate people!”

We do carry around the family traits.

These things that mark and identify us remind us of where we’ve come from and that we belong. Even our individuality has shades of connection to the people we are joined to. And we find that the idea of being a lone ranger is only appealing in small doses. In fact, it ends up being a notion we all fancy from time to time, so once again we are alike even in our ideas of uniqueness.

Christian baptism is an overflowing fountain of meaning. One of those meanings is that it’s a mark, a birthmark if you will, identifying us as people gifted by and for grace. The grace of being loved and accepted, and of sharing in the purposeful living of giving that same grace to others. The grace of power to resist our self-serving tendencies and the courage and verve we get from being joined with others who are part of that Resistance. Yes, I like capitalizing The Resistance. It’s pretty exciting, actually, making us all “from a long line of passionate people.”

This Sunday in DiscipleChurch we will witness six baptisms; four children, one teen, and their mom will receive this gift of grace and we will get the chance again to think about our own baptisms and how they remain a permanent marker in our lives. I look forward to seeing you there to share some thoughts with you about remembering your baptism.

Shannon Lacy wrote, “Remember your baptism, for it remembers you.” Interesting idea, don’t you think?



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